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Kent Cartridge Fasteel 2.0 Waterfowl 12 Gauge Ammunition 3″ Shell #3 Zinc-Plated…





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A Happy Hunting Dog Is a Busy Hunting Dog
Your decoy spread is ready, a soft glow is slowly rising in the east, and your best friend is getting excited. His eyes widen and he cocks his head curiously toward you. You know he’s giddy with anticipation as his thumps his tail against the sand. Things haven’t always been this way. Duck hunting with inferior ammunition resulted in many long days filled with the frustration of coming home empty handed. Your fuzzy friend lost faith in your skills and began to loose hope he’d ever get a duck again. He began to silently judge you behind the slits of half closed eyes. This year it’s different. This year you have Kent Cartridge Fasteel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel and that big wet smelly slobbering lug loves you again. Fabricated on the rock solid foundation of the pioneering Fasteel cartridge, non-toxic Fasteel 2.0 is revolutionary ultra-high performance waterfowl ammo from the dedicated professionals Kent Cartridge. With unmatched performance in a widespread range of temperatures, Fasteel 2.0 is rigorously engineered to be impervious to the effects of extreme weather. Kent only uses superb first-rate components to give you an unparalleled advantage over those devious ducks. The high pitched whine and fidgeting of your enthusiastic companion says that he really wants you to take every advantage you can get. Your four legged swimming duck getter is obviously ready to get to work. This load has a single piece high-performance base wad that is specially designed to enhance the performance and accuracy out of the latest semi-automatic shotguns. Kent’s top-of-the-line non-toxic corrosion resistant zinc-plated steel shot features perfect concentricity to produce lethal shot patterns. Fasteel 2.0 gives you faster follow-up shots with lower recoil and consistent reliability. With Fasteel 2.0 you’re dropping more birds than ever and that is how you earned back the trust of those big beautiful brown eyes. Kent uses proven CX2000 primers and clean burning custom blended double base powders to generate hard hitting bird smashing velocities. Stacked tightly into state-of-the-art high density polymer hulls with frictionless corrosion resistant nickel-plated heads, you’re getting flawless function. With Fasteel 2.0 you’re seeing fantastic patterning, blistering speed and lethal knockdown. Fasteel 2.0 is the waterfowl load your judgy hunting buddy has been waiting a long time for. Keep your dog busy, and keep your dog happy with Fasteel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel from Kent Cartridge.

Kent Cartridge Fasteel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel Specifications and Features:
Kent Item Number: K123FS36-3
Ultra High Performance Non-Toxic Waterfowl Load
12 Gauge
3″ Shells
#3 Size Zinc-Plated Steel Shot
1-1/4 oz Shot
Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps
High-Performance Base-Wad
HD Hull (High Density Polymer)
Nickel Plated Hull
CX2000 Primer
Double Base Powers
Uses: Ducks Geese and Waterfowl
25 Round Box


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